Welcome to the website of Second Wife. Our company offers cleaning services in the city of London. We offer professional cleaning of rooms, from private houses to construction companies. We also clean offices and companies in London. We approach the subject of cleanliness professionally, we are pedantic and we love when there is order around. Our offer also includes non-standard services, which makes us a comprehensive company. We strongly encourage you to familiarize yourself with our offer.

For home

We offer occasional cleaning as well as subscriptions for regular maintenance.

For company

You want to take care of your office, or maybe you need to clean a slightly larger area. Second Wife can handle any dirt.

For builders

We accept orders for cleaning after renovation, both from private individuals as well as from construction companies. Possible permanent contracts.

After tenants

The tenants can do a good job of messing up. We offer cleaning after tenants as well as preparing houses and flats for a real estate agency.

What we can do for you

We will clean your windows both inside and outside.

We will iron your clothes.

We will take out your rubbish bags.

We will make your shower look like new again.

We will clean up your upholstered furniture.

Old dirt that is difficult to remove? We will take care of it.

Your oven will be like new again.

Second Wife will help keep your garden clean.

This service will work – especially after the party.

You don’t like washing your fridge? Leave this for Second Wife.

We will not only iron, but also arrange your clothes in the wardrobe.

We will clean your house and garden after the party.

We make the beds and clean the bedroom.

We will take care of your flowers professionally.

Magazine overloaded? We will clean up, arrange.

Make an appointment for cleaning

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