Second Wife

The history of our company began very simply, first a little help with cleaning, then cleaning entire houses, up to cleaning company premises. Today, after several years of activity and cooperation with hundreds of customers, we are a brand that knows perfectly well how to take care of cleanliness in the everyday life that surrounds us. Man lives not only in cleaning, Second Wife pays a lot of attention to relations with our clients, we do not want to be another cleaning company – Second Wife is a friend of the house who makes sure that you feel maximum comfort in your own home every day.



The founder of Second Wife is a very lively person for whom people are the most important values. Anna is a conscientious person who builds the Second Wife brand based on solid foundations. Each year, Anna raises her professional qualifications by participating in training courses and trade fairs. Over the last few years, Anna has developed a solid brand with her hard work and attitude, which is confirmed by many satisfied customers. Below you will find the latest reviews of Second Wife.

what distinguishes us


Many years of experience have allowed us to develop effective ways to deal with dirt. Second Wife is not only cleaning services at the highest level, but also professional products, thanks to which our work takes on a new dimension. We know perfectly well what agents to use in order not to damage the cleaned surfaces.